Cool Moods

"Do you have your own equipment and amplification?"
Yes, we bring all our own equipment: instruments, amps and even a PA system if needed.

"How many musicians are in the band?"

We can perform from solo to any size of group. However, the standard group consists of 5 musicians:


Please contact us by phone, email or using our 'request a quote'  form. We are always happy to discuss any queries you may have.

"I'm concerned the music will be too loud"
There is no cause for concern, we always adapt our volume to suit the occasion.

"Can you provide pre-recorded music on CD during the breaks?"
Yes, if required.

"Do you play special requests?"
Yes, as long as you give us enough notice in advance.

"Do you travel outside London?"
Yes we perform all round the U.K. and the rest of the world. Please state the location of the event where you would like us to play when submitting your quote request. Travel costs will be included in your quote.

"When we book you, do you provide us with a contract?"
Yes, we will send you a contract to finalise the booking.